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What are you afraid of? Fear of Writing

August 26, 2016

What are you afraid of? Many home schoolers are afraid of teaching high school writing. Of course, we can all understand this thinking. Essay writing, research, and extensive papers are all a part of high school writing. Consequently, these are often the aspects of teaching high school writing/composition that can be worrisome for parents. For […]

Back to School Reading for Teens

August 10, 2016

There you are, mentally preparing yourself for diving into the daily routine of studying, taking notes, listening, doing homework, taking tests, writing essays, and completing projects.  Summer went by way too fast; you simply aren’t ready for this yet.  Surely it can’t be time for school to start yet, can it?  Yet despite how much […]

Slideshow: Fun Summer Ideas for Teens

August 4, 2016

Fun Summer Ideas for Teens from Tialla Rising

Summer Break Fun

June 30, 2016

As a homeschooler, I LOVED summer break.  I was fortunate enough to be one the homeschoolers that actually did get a summer break, and as much as I adored school (I’m pretty sure I was one of the biggest overachievers in existence), I could not wait for summer break once May came around. Not only […]

What are You Afraid of? Homeschooling High School – the Process

Aren’t we all afraid of the unknown… what will it entail? How will we handle the challenges? Yes, it can be intimidating, but just like anything else once we understand the process- the fear dissipates. When I first started homeschooling, it was pretty simple and straightforward. I thought, “If I can teach an elementary class […]

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What are you Afraid of? Homeschooling Methods Explained

June 27, 2016

Fear of the unknown is often the biggest roadblock to beginning the journey of homeschooling high school. Each of us had fears when we first started, but understanding the process and seeing that it can be done is half the battle… So, what are you afraid of? We often encourage new homeschoolers to research the […]

College Scholarships Ending 3rd Quarter 2016

June 26, 2016

Scholarships with July 2016 deadlines Advanced Institute for Oral Health Scholarship Sponsor: Advanced Institute for Oral health Amount: $500 Deadline: July 1, 2016 Description: Scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors with a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher who are planning to attend an accredited university for the 2016-2017 academic year. Applicant must […]

Slideshow: High School Summer Reading List

June 24, 2016

High School Summer Reading List from Tialla Rising

SlideShow: Resources for Homeschool Graduation

June 2, 2016

Resources for Homeschool Graduation from Tialla Rising

Free Printable Transcript Template

Download: High School Transcript Template

June 1, 2016

Creating your own high school transcript is easier than you think. Before you start, make sure that you have collected all the necessary information for your student. To get started,  simply register below and print your free beautifully designed transcript template. Each section is self-explanatory and can be customized to reflect your student’s individuality! Download […]