, She is a "homeschooling alumnus", having graduated both sons who were each homeschooled from kindergarten. You can follow Kerry on Google Plus by adding her to your circles.
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Kerry Jones is a guest author at and the admin of the web's largest community for secular homeschoolers,, She is a "homeschooling alumnus", having graduated both sons who were each homeschooled from kindergarten. You can follow Kerry on Google Plus by adding her to your circles.

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Kerry's Articles

American Sign Language

Reprinted with permission from the blog Teachable Moments Many states and many many colleges and universities recognize American Sign Language (ASL) as a foreign language. PDF – States that Recognize American Sign Language as a Foreign Language PDF – Universities that Accept American Sign Language as Foreign Language Requirement I do not know anyone who came out […]

The Tweet I Want Every Parent of a Teen to See

I’m always thinking about teenagers these days. Yes, I have two of them, but more than that, helping teens and parents of teens has become a big part of my day job via So, I’m always on social networking sites exploring what teens and their parents are talking about. Most of the time, as […]

College Alternative: Self-Organized Learning Environment for Higher Ed

Can you feel the ground moving? Sometimes I think I can. When I can practically WATCH the shifts in higher education happening, it can be almost disorienting – – as if the world is moving around me, while I struggle to keep up. If I hadn’t been convinced before of the shift toward new models […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Accredited Diplomas and Homeschooling

Can a homeschooler get into college without an accredited diploma? It’s a common question. A valid question. But also, a question that misses the point. The POINT is getting into college. Accreditation is just a long and somewhat misunderstood word that is sometimes thrown around for all the wrong reasons. Let’s look at some other […]

High School Requirements for Higher Education Goals and Infographic

by Kerry Jones, Robin Richardson and Alicia Bodine When your child is ready to enter high school, it is important to begin to establish goals in order to create an academic and extracurricular activity plan. If higher education of some kind is in that educational plan, then these goals should be based on the type […]

Homeschooler’s Guide to High School Credits

If you are preparing a high school transcript for a homeschooler, and he or she has used a variety of different materials, outside courses and curricula to complete their coursework, then you may be wondering how to tally the credits for the courses they have taken. The purpose of this guide is to help you […]

High School Summer Internship Ideas

High School Summer Internships:  What Are They? Internships are akin to the apprenticeship of years gone by. Under an apprenticeship, an artisan (skilled laborer) teaches another person, usually a younger person, his or her particular trade. In exchange for the mentoring, the trainee agrees to work for the teacher for a specified length of time. […]

Staying Sharp This Summer – Three Creative Ideas for Teens

I know, I know…you’ve barely finished grieving over the fact that spring break is behind you, so why would I torture you with thoughts of summer?! But the truth is that summer is so close you can practically SMELL it (or maybe my bottle of suntan lotion has just fallen over and spilled out in […]

Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Homeschooling High School

Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Homeschooling High School The majority of families who choose to homeschool through the high school years have been doing it for a while. They are seasoned professionals at all this “homeschooling stuff” and don’t need much guidance beyond curriculum ideas and perhaps some advice on post-graduation options. Covid-19 has resulted in […]

Knee-Jerk Homeschooling

In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, social networks are lit up like pinball machines with comments, questions, and ponderings from parents about whether they should just pull their children out of school to homeschool them.  While I completely understand the reaction, I want to share my thoughts on why I think choosing to […]