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Joy Capps is a homeschool bookworm residing in the mountains of western North Carolina. The only one who loves books more is her 16-year-old daughter. They both enjoy perusing old bookstores for treasures and sniffing books. Her son who is 18 has special needs, is the social butterfly of the family and has never met a stranger. Although she is originally from South Dakota she now calls North Carolina her home and she and her family love exploring the great outdoors. Her family has been homeschooling since 2005.

jcapps's Articles

Top 10 Study Resources for Test Taking

The mere thought of a test can at times spark feelings that vary from having little pretest jitters to over the top panic and trepidation. There are steps you can take to at least decrease that anxiety and also help you be more prepared for a test. Be informed Make sure that you know what […]

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Does your student dream of traveling to other countries to explore new lands and cultures? They may be able to turn that dream into a reality all while pursuing their goals for higher education. Financially this might seem like it’s impossible, but there are ways to do for free or very little.   Things to […]

Don’t miss Out On These Holiday Events

Mid Year Switch Virtual Conference Are things not going how you had planned this school year? Are you in the need of a change? Could you use a little encouragement and direction? The Mid-Year Switch may be just the answer you’ve been looking for! The Mid-Year Switch Virtual Conference on January 8th is a collective […]

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

THANK YOU for voting in our Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! How? Take a look through our Holiday Gift Guide and vote for your favorite gift. The giveaway includes: Gifts to enhance your child’s abilities Gifts to encourage and build hidden talents Gifts to span the gamut of learning and growing Organic and natural gifts Gifts […]

Top 10 Scary Reads for Halloween!

For most of us fall means that there is a chill in the air and the leaves are starting to fall with the changing season. It can also rouse the imagination of all things scary in anticipation of Halloween. Even if you do not celebrate Halloween you or your teenager may enjoy reading a good […]

Space Week Studies for Teens

The STEM job field is perfect for students with inquisitive minds that are interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Today there are more career opportunities than there are people to fill these positions. Space and astronomy is one such area. Listed below are a list of apps and websites to allow […]

Focus Tips by Grade for the High School Homeschooler

With the beginning of the homeschool year underway there are certain things parents should keep in mind to kick off a productive (and hopefully fun) school year. This might be the first year of middle school or the last year of high school, either way there are important milestones that need to be reached at […]

6 Books Your Highschooler Should Be Reading Right Now

With all of the classic must read books for high schoolers out there what are some newer books that are a must for teens to read? Here are six that I plan on adding to my own student’s book list. All of the teen main characters featured face unsurmountable challenges and turmoil during turbulent times. […]

College Life Series: Financial Planning and Scholarships

Congratulations! You’ve finally been accepted into the college of your choice and you’re on top of the world, right? Wait a minute. How will you be paying for the next four (or more) years of education?  Do you have a college fund? Attending a state school is helpful in keeping costs down, but are there […]

College Life Series: Tracking College Credits

About to start college? Freshman year is such an exciting (and somewhat scary) time!  Wondering if you’re ready for this whole – college thing? From the start, it is very important to be making a four year plan in order to maximize time spent learning. This will also help to ensure graduation happens when you […]