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Meg is a self-proclaimed bookworm with a fascination for the written word and foreign languages. By the time she graduates, she hopes to have at least one of her on-going works published. To see Meg's book reviews, visit http://youngadultbookworm.wordpress.com/.

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What Happens When…You Have A New Sibling

To commemorate my newest little sibling, I’m here to tell you what to do when you find yourself holding a crying baby in a blanket, whether it be for the first time or the second, third, fourth, or, fifth. Take it from a veteran, having a new sibling can be tiring. Especially if you’re older […]

Ask A Homeschooler: Response to Tori

It’s Meg! I’m back with another question. This time it’s from Tori, who writes: I was wondering where you can make friends and meet new people while homeschooling? I’m thinking of trying homeschooling again after it not having worked out before, one of the issues was that I couldn’t figure out how to get the […]

What Happens When….You Have To Pick A College Major?

Picking a college major is a big deal– for any of us! No matter what your age, you were always asked the question, “What do you want to be?”. If you’re like me, your answer varied every time you were asked. However, for us high schoolers (or college students), it’s time to finally come up […]

Ask A Homeschooler: Response to Nikki

Hello, all! It’s Meg from Reading, Writing, and Homeschooling! Today we’re here to answer Nikki’s question. She writes: Next year I will be a sophomore in high school, and was looking to really start looking into my acting career by going to auditions etc. This being said, I was looking into doing online school and […]

What Happens When…Memorial Day Rolls Around

This Monday was Memorial Day! With this in mind, I thought I’d make this week’s article all about it. There are a lot of things you can do on Memorial Day, and they’re all fun things! But it’s also a time to do some remembering and reflection about fallen soldiers, loved ones, and those whom […]

What Happens When Summer Comes Along?

During the school year, we all have our schedule. It’s inevitable, as my family and I have realized, and as I’m sure yours has come to realize as well. Everyone’s busy and there’s not much “cool down” time at my house. But, what happens when everything starts to slow down and you suddenly have more […]

What Happens When…You Are Behind In Your Work?

We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt that impending doom on our shoulders when we realize we’re behind in our schoolwork. But, what’s a person to do when that happens? How do we get caught up? I’ve been where you are enough times to know the best way out of this situation. So, what happens […]

What Does Unschooling Look Like In High School?

What Is Unschooling? For those wondering what unschooling is, it’s where children learn from experience rather than curriculum and structured learning. The term was originally created by John Holt, who is looked at as the “father” of unschooling. I learn this way somewhat, though I also do a lot of structured learning as well. They […]

What Kind of College Scholarships Are Open To Homeschoolers?

This question is somewhat of a hard one to answer, just because it differs for everyone. There are all kinds of scholarships out there for everyone. Discrimination Most organizations won’t discriminate you because you’re homeschooled (unless they’re called “Scholarships for Public Schoolers” or something). And if you don’t get a scholarship, try to keep in […]

What Happens When….You Forget To Study?

We’ve all had that moment of horrid realization when you’re doing something and the thought of that test you’re taking the next day pops in your head. The heart acceleration usually means that you forgot about it completely, and then the panic sets in and you drop everything you’re doing to rush to your room […]