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Tialla Rising is a homeschool graduate and a published author. She lives in the mountains of Arizona with her amazing husband, where she enjoys reading, Netflix, writing, and more! Visit her website at http://www.tiallarising.com.

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Pros of Year-Round Homeschooling as a High Schooler

Considering this is my “Looking Back” series, you might be expecting me to say that I was homeschooled year-round when I was a high schooler.  I have to disappoint you there.  I did not homeschool year-round, not in high school or any other grade.  However,  I can definitely see some benefits of keeping up homeschooling […]

Slideshow: 5 Ways Fidget Spinners Are Helpful

5 Ways Fidget Spinners Are Helpful from Tialla Rising

5 Tools for Graduation

It’s that time of year again when the graduation invitations flutter into our mailboxes; high school seniors are abuzz with graduation ideas, summer-fling excitement, college plans; and homeschooling parents are scrambling for their students to finish last minute papers while preparing for their graduation ceremony.  Happy May! I feel like May is the most exciting […]

Slideshow: Top 5 YouTube Channels for Homeschooling High School

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Homeschooling High School from Tialla Rising

Slideshow: Online Learning Resources

Online Learning Resources from Tialla Rising

Tips for Homeschool Conventions

It’s that time of year again! Time to keep an eye out for the homeschool conventions this summer, and begin registering! While school may still be in full-swing, it’s definitely time to start thinking about those conventions. Early convention sign-ups and hotel deals can even result in discounts occasionally. Not to mention the fact that […]

Slideshow: College Prep for Teens

College Prep for Teens from Tialla Rising

National Reading Month

Did you know that March is “National Reading Month”?  I certainly didn’t know this, and as someone whose favorite hobby, hands-down, is reading, I’m pretty psyched about this.  I feel like this month calls for some hard core reading to celebrate!  (To clarify, by “hard core,” I do not mean gritty novels, I am referring […]

Slideshow: Preventing Burnout for Your Homeschooled Teen

Preventing Burnout for Your Homeschooled Teen from Tialla Rising

Homeschooling Mid-Year? Try Online Classes

What does it mean to begin homeschooling mid-year?  If your family has decided to change your education route and give homeschooling a shot anytime from the months of December-February, you are starting your homeschool mid-year.  Congratulations on your decision, and we’re here to help.  Beginning homeschooling at anytime requires an adjustment period and can be […]