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Tialla Rising is a homeschool graduate and a published author. She lives in the mountains of Arizona with her amazing husband, where she enjoys reading, Netflix, writing, and more! Visit her website at http://www.tiallarising.com.

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What are Some Mistakes to Avoid When Homeschooling High School?

We all make mistakes.  We as humans – in general – learn best after making the mistakes ourselves.  So, in a way, making mistakes is the best way to learn.  However, I’m certain most of us would rather not make those mistakes in the first place.  Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little heads-up to […]

Pros and Cons of Computer Schooling

During Middle School and High School, I studied with a variety of ways.  I mostly used textbooks in Middle School and the beginning of High School, but in my junior and senior years, more of my school was on the computer. In all honesty, I think the difference between computer schooling and book schooling depends […]

What Courses Does My High Schooler Need to Take to Get Into College?

Courses Needed For College Depend on the Individual School It would be awfully nice to have a cut-and-dry list of courses to get into college, wouldn’t it?  Yet, on the other hand, I’m thinking it would be a little dull.  Either way, it really depends on which college your high schooler wants to attend.  Your […]

As a Homeschooler, What Can I Do to Make Friends?

Oh that ominous topic…SOCIALIZATION.  This is a big concern for both students and parents alike.  After all, if you’re homeschooled, that must mean you stay at home 24/7, so how on Earth would you have opportunities to make friends? Well, no need to fear – making friends as a homeschooler really isn’t a big deal.  […]

How Do You Handle Lab Classes in Homeschool?

I’ve noticed many people think if someone is homeschooled, that automatically means they will never see their friends again, they will turn into a total anti-social hermit, and they’ll get off easy because their mom loves them too much to mark them down on a test. …I’m not sure where this stereotype came from.  I’ve […]


Through my homeschool high school experience, I learned that one of the most important aspects to staying sane and getting good grades is scheduling.  Of course, proactively sticking by the schedule is perhaps even more important. Throughout elementary and middle school, one of the greatest advantages of homeschooling is its flexibility.  This is one of […]

Should a Homeschooler Get a GED or a Diploma?

Picture this: Your student is going to be a senior in high school next year.  For quite a while, you have already been visiting colleges, narrowing choices, and focusing interests.  However, only now does it hit you: What about a diploma?  He/she’s homeschooled…will he/she need a GED instead? Which one is more beneficial for a […]

You Mean There’s Life After High School?

I understand it’s hard for several high school students to see beyond their tests, exams, essays, relationships, cramming, studying, partying, and in general, schooling, but I am here to assure you that high school is not the end of the world. Believe me, I made it. Nearly a year ago, I graduated from that oh-so-ominous […]

Tips for Homeschool Teens: College Visits

Visiting colleges can be an overwhelming endeavor.  You, the homeschooled student, are probably looking forward to finding what will be your “home away from home” for the next four years, but you are beginning to realize what a huge task you’re up against.  Hopefully, this article will help out with making the process easier. First […]

Ask A Homeschooler: Response to Katherine

Hi everyone, Tia from “Where Homeschooling Meets Reality” here.  I’ve recently received a question from Katherine regarding homeschooling and receiving NCAA scholarships.  Here’s the question: “Hello, i’m a competitive swimmer in high school and i’m currently in 11th grade. Im so unsatisfied with my teachers and how i’m learning. I have negative influences in my […]