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  • How to Choose a High School Course

    Choosing high school classes is a daunting task for students and parents. Your choice of courses will help you discover your talents or even get you into
  • How to Study for Taking a Test

    How to Study for a Test The mere thought of a test can at times spark feelings that vary from having little pretest jitters to over the top panic and
  • Financial Planning and Scholarships for High School

    Congratulations! You’ve finally been accepted into the college of your choice and you’re on top of the world, right? Wait a minute. How will you be paying
  • Pros of Year-Round Homeschooling

    Considering this is my “Looking Back” series, you might be expecting me to say that I was homeschooled year-round when I was a high schooler.  I have to
  • 5 Tools for Graduation

    It’s that time of year again when the graduation invitations flutter into our mailboxes; high school seniors are abuzz with graduation ideas, summer-fling
  • Tips for Homeschool Conventions

    It’s that time of year again! Time to keep an eye out for the homeschool conventions this summer, and begin registering! While school may still be in
  • National Reading Month

    Did you know that March is “National Reading Month”?  I certainly didn’t know this, and as someone whose favorite hobby, hands-down, is reading, I’m pretty
  • Homeschooling mid-year? Try online classes

    What does it mean to begin homeschooling mid-year?  If your family has decided to change your education route and give homeschooling a shot anytime from
  • Dorm Room Essentials (Extended)

    While not every homeschooler heads off to college, or stays in a dorm room if they do attend college, I thought I would direct this post to those that ARE
  • DIY Teen Holiday Decorations

    It’s that time of year when everyone starts decorating for the holidays!  As a teen, I always loved decorating my bedroom to make it feel more festive like