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  • Looking Back at Dual Enrollment

    In this “Looking Back” series, I’ve been doing just that – looking back on my homeschool experience and sharing my tips or suggestions for high school. 
  • Road trips can be a wonderful way to create memories of your summer vacation.  But did you know they can be educational as well?  Sure you did – it’s
  • While I was homeschooled, I used all sorts of curricula.  I don’t think I ever used the exact same curricula every year.  So naturally, it kind of
  • It’s natural to start considering your college major in high school.  In fact, it’s not just natural – it’s important.  If you plan to attend college, you
  • Very rarely is there just one homeschooled student in a family.  When you’re in a “classroom” with multiple grades, it can sometimes be hard to concentrate
  • While I did use the computer for a lot of my school in high school, I also relied on textbooks.  There’s just something about old-fashioned textbooks
  • During Middle School and High School, I studied with a variety of ways.  I mostly used textbooks in Middle School and the beginning of High School, but in
  • Through my homeschool high school experience, I learned that one of the most important aspects to staying sane and getting good grades is scheduling.  Of
  • I understand it’s hard for several high school students to see beyond their tests, exams, essays, relationships, cramming, studying, partying, and in