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  • High School Diploma Templates

    You are finally at the point in time that you need a high school diploma. Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and now whether
  • Homeschool Graduate Identification Guide

    by Chris Hutton Reprinted with permission from the blog Liter8 I’m normally a more science-y writer.  however, I’m gonna change things up occasionally.
  • Homeschool Planning

    Updated Feb 2019 If you’re homeschooling a high school student for the first time, you might find it encouraging to learn you can determine your own
  • Reprinted with permission from KCParent.com. Copyright KCParent.com, 2012. Original author: Josiah Bell For me, college was an inescapable fact, kind of
  • The newest version of the GED test was updated in 2014. This test remains one of the leading methods of attaining a high school equivalency certificate. In
  • With my son’s recent decision to attend the University of Mary Washington, now seems like a good time to brain dump on what we learned getting our first
  • Planning Your High School Classes

    Two downloads for high school homeschool credit planning in preparation for college.
  • I am thrilled to present another homeschooled high schooler that has found success! Elisha is a young lady who is trained as an herbalist. She has her own
  • Diploma or GED? In our area, having a GED implies you didn’t finish high school. Although we know some people will still give more credence to a GED than