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  • High School Diploma Template

    The following high school diploma templates can either be printed out (as is) via pdf, or, can be filled out using the interactive forms tool in Adobe
  • Homeschool Graduate Identification Guide

    by Chris Hutton Reprinted with permission from the blog Liter8 I’m normally a more science-y writer.  however, I’m gonna change things up occasionally.
  • Homeschool Planning

    Updated Feb 2019 If you’re homeschooling a high school student for the first time, you might find it encouraging to learn you can determine your own
  • Reprinted with permission from KCParent.com. Copyright KCParent.com, 2012. Original author: Josiah Bell For me, college was an inescapable fact, kind of
  • The newest version of the GED test was updated in 2014. This test remains one of the leading methods of attaining a high school equivalency certificate. In
  • With my son’s recent decision to attend the University of Mary Washington, now seems like a good time to brain dump on what we learned getting our first
  • High School Credit Planner

    Two downloads for high school homeschool credit planning in preparation for college.
  • I am thrilled to present another homeschooled high schooler that has found success! Elisha is a young lady who is trained as an herbalist. She has her own
  • Diploma or GED? In our area, having a GED implies you didn’t finish high school. Although we know some people will still give more credence to a GED than