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  • Calculating a High School GPA

    Need to figure out a high school GPA? We get it – it’s not easy!!  But you can do it! If you are creating either a report card, portfolio, or
  • Transcript Template Download

    At Let’sHomeschoolHighSchool.com we love to help you successfully homeschool highschool. We’ve developed some amazing resources that are sure
  • Don't put off college preparation

    Getting ready for college isn’t an easy task for a high school student, but for the homeschooler it can be even more complicated. But, the good news
  • College Prep Courses that are FREE!

    Preparing your student for college is not an easy task. From finding courses to making schedules it really can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to
  • High School Subject Credit Planner

    The truth about assigning homeschool credits, why you should track day-to-day activity, and a downloadable tracking template!
  • Heroic Homeschooling

    A reader and fellow blogger recently commented that my homeschooling was a heroic act. I protested, but she pressed, giving me a hurrah for following my
  • when Hannah hit high school, I realized I needed a more organized way to keep her credit information. I developed a system that has worked really well for us...
  • While the path homeschoolers follow through high school may be very similar or radically different than their public school counterparts, all applicants