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  • With all of the classic must read books for high schoolers out there what are some newer books that are a must for teens to read? Here are six that I plan
  • Vocabulary Spelling City Giveaway

    LHSHS VSC Giveaway! Homeschoolers: VocabularySpellingCity® is the Ideal Program to Boost Student Success VocabularySpellingCity is the ideal program to
  • Creating Your Ivy League Application

     If it’s your dream to attend an Ivy League School, it’s a dream that will take some forethought. Preparing to attend an Ivy League School is something
  • Resources for Homeschool Graduation from Tialla Rising
  • I know as well as anyone that it can be a little depressing when Valentine’s day rolls around as a teen if you don’t have a significant other.  However,
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    There are a lot of reasons why parents decide to homeschool mid year. In every case these reasons will be different. But, each of us share the common
  • no-image-45268

    Hi! It’s back to homeschool season around here, and we at LHSHS just wanted to make sure you knew a few specifics that might make your homeschool
  • Summer is here with all its wonder.  The hot days, long warm nights, and lots of fun with friends has begun.  The only thing is, we all have expectations
  • In this “Looking Back” series, I’ve been doing just that – looking back on my homeschool experience and sharing my tips or suggestions for high school. 
  • Hello everyone!  Tialla Rising here, ready to answer a great Ask A Homeschooler question!  This question is from Eliza. “I am currently in a new public