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    Hi! It’s back to homeschool season around here, and we at LHSHS just wanted to make sure you knew a few specifics that might make your homeschool
  • Summer is here with all its wonder.  The hot days, long warm nights, and lots of fun with friends has begun.  The only thing is, we all have expectations
  • In this “Looking Back” series, I’ve been doing just that – looking back on my homeschool experience and sharing my tips or suggestions for high school. 
  • Hello everyone!  Tialla Rising here, ready to answer a great Ask A Homeschooler question!  This question is from Eliza. “I am currently in a new public
  • This Monday was Memorial Day! With this in mind, I thought I’d make this week’s article all about it. There are a lot of things you can do on Memorial Day,
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    Have you heard the good news? Time4Learning.com added high school level courses to their curriculum as of August 2013! Time4Learning high school offers an
  • Hi everyone! Jackie here from LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com. I’m SO excited to head up this new adventure – – a monthly Homeschool High
  • Hello, everyone!  Tia from “Where Homeschooling Meets Reality” here.  Homeschoolers are often curious about how they can graduate with everything they need
  • Marylou asks: “Will the student get a lot of teaching & graduate the same as people from high school? With a diploma?” Thanks for the
  • Alexis asks: “How do I get into homeschool classes?” Thanks for asking, Alexis! Asking homeschool writers a question like this is like handing