Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Christian Homeschooling

Christian Homeschooling – The Beginning

Everything has a beginning, and homeschooling is no different. For many, Christian homeschooling is more than just an option it’s a necessity. Apart from the obvious, homeschooling allows Christian families to base their children’s learning on Biblical values. It opens the door to an education integrated with the Word of God and His principles.

Truthfully, the Bible makes it pretty clear that parents are responsible for the education of their children. They can responsibly designate others to fulfill that education. At times this delegation of responsibility to educate our children has worked, yet in these days with the breakdown of so many different areas the delegation of our children’s education to the public system no longer works. It is here that many families see the need to begin homeschooling. Homeschooling can fit the individual needs of nearly every family.

Christian Homeschooling – Commencement

Homeschooling your child in a Christian homeschooling method is now easier than ever. Though considered something “new” in our culture, homeschooling itself is an ancient practice. In recent years, it has been the Christians in America who spearheaded the movement. This was done simply because the public schools were removing anything and everything that pointed to a Christian worldview, and the morals of the students were/are declining rapidly. To start homeschooling, one simply removes their child from the school and submits the intent to homeschool form to the local school board. From there on in, it’s all up to the parents.

Christian Homeschooling – Curriculum

In the last decade accompanying the huge growth of homeschooling, Christian homeschool curriculum resources have skyrocketed. Previously, the only “solid” Christian homeschool curriculum available was from about five major publishers. Today, there are hundreds of curriculum options for your family. The homeschool family must first decide what their goals are for their own personal homeschooling endeavor. From here, the family can determine what type of curriculum will meet their needs. Offerings include online curriculum, video courses, text-based curriculum, and even live synchronous online education (where you have a teacher that teaches you personally via the internet). It really is amazing when you sit back and look at how far homeschooling has come in America. The curriculum can be “out of the box” or a total package system (where everything you need to teach a grade comes completely from the publisher) or you can pick and choose individual subjects from a variety of sources that fit individual needs within your homeschool. The options truly are endless and how you apply and use the curriculum also gives so much flexibility to your education.

Christian Homeschooling –  Community

Another thing that each homeschooling family needs is support. This is often found within a local Christian homeschooling co-op or through the family’s church. A co-op is a place where families can come together and offer subjects that might not be feasible for one family alone. Parents share skill sets and teach other children in their specialty areas. In this way, families are able to offer their children a bit more rounded education instead of propagating only what the parents are able to teach.  Having a sense of community is also very important for Christian homeschoolers. Seeing other students that homeschool and share the same dreams, hopes, and struggles that they do is always an encouragement.  Making the most of what your local Christian homeschooling co-op has to offer can really augment your homeschool.

Christian Homeschooling – Standing for What you Believe in…

Some would say that Christian homeschooling is sheltering your children, or that you aren’t allowing them to experience real life. However, keeping children separated from the influences that engulf many of America’s average teenagers and causes them to be insecure or to be bullied – is not a bad thing. Raising your children in the wholesome environment of your family can only be a boon for their self-confidence and maturity. You will more than likely encounter those that think your choice is wrong. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied or ashamed. You are doing what you believe is right… stand up for your choice!