For Students

Homeschool and the Student

If you are a homeschooled high schooler (or are thinking about it!), then this site is for you! We feel like we have put together – – all in one place  – – the largest resource of high school homeschooling information on the web.

Green Arrow RightA beginner’s guide for those of you just in the “thinking” stage

Green Arrow RightTons of articles to answer any questions you might have

Green Arrow RightA fun (and funny!) set of homeschool survival guides

Green Arrow RightAnswers to your most frequently asked questions

And so, so much more!

But more than that, we want to be a community where you feel welcomed, appreciated, and understood. For that reason, we’ve created a bunch of different ways for you to touch base with other high school homeschoolers just like yourself, including:

Green Arrow Righton our student forum

Green Arrow Rightby visiting blogs of other homeschoolers

Green Arrow Rightby asking questions on our Ask A Homeschooler page

Green Arrow Righton our social networks

This is a GREAT time to be a homeschooled high school student, and we hope that will be a huge help along the way!