Hello Forum!

My name is Julie and I am from Miami, Florida. I was homeschooled for a couple years but decided that I needed a change. I saw pictures of all of my lower school friends having fun at parties (older at this point) and doing some many fun activities. I mean sure, my friends invited me to hang out with them but I was meeting their friends and not making my own.

After I made the decision to go back to a school environment I loved it. One of the main reasons I was homeschooled was because the private schools in my area are so expensive and my parents didn't want to send me to a public institution. Public school in my area is known as being pretty sketchy and not the best school system. My parents wanted to make sure I had a great education for something they could afford.

With that being said, I am about to attend a university in Chicago next month. I am so excited, yet so nervous to be away from home for so long. I need advice because I am paying for my college experience. Yes, my parents are paying tuition but I am in charge of paying for all of my books, school supplies, meal plan and even going out expenses. I'm not complaining or anything because I am so gracious my parents are paying for college (I am also getting a job) but do you guys recommend any specific websites to find discounts besides Amazon, Chegg and Groupon? I already use these websites but my other homeschooled friend was telling me about how in her state there is a website that lists all of student discounts in her area. I am just looking for any discounts I can find, especially since I am moving to the Windy City.

Any Advice? Let me know and help a gal out!