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Thread: Stuff You do for School Outside of School

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    Red face Stuff You do for School Outside of School

    Thoughts, anyone?

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    Depends on the class. If it's a class I really love, I'll trip over myself to learn as much as I can. I remember doing intense research during last year's Algebra class on how to properly factor polynomials, among other things. Doing that really helped me get an edge over most of the class.

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    Personally for me, when I'm interested in a specific topic, I try to find out as much as I possibly can on it. That usually results in hours of Googling, flipping through images, trips to the library, etc. Mostly internet research and books on the topic, though. Also, I really enjoy watching film adaptations of classics, which is definitely school outside of school.

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    Why not try out field trips? Aquariums, museums, etc. Or, if the student is old enough, go to the store and compare prices of the different brands. Figure out what the differences are in certain products. Oh, this brand of milk comes from cows that used growth hormones? Let's research the harms of that. Life situations in general. If you go to the post office or bookstore, have them talk to the cashier. When you go to the doctor's office, have them fill out their own form. These are life applications that my parents use on me. I do almost everything for myself now, and I'll be 18 in a week. You'd be surprised how many students my age can't do the things I can do simply because of life applications.

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