What type of homeschooler are you? There are different varieties and in the end the "type" doesn't matter--it's still all homeschooling! However, sometimes it's fun just to see our differences. I personally love hearing about the variety in homeschooling! It reminds me that everyone is different, and it's beautiful to see how one thing such as "homeschooling" can be approached in different ways. That said, what type are you? Classical homeschooler (Charlotte Mason)? Roadschooler? Unschooler? Online-schooler? Co-op schooler? A mix of classical and unschooling? A mix of online and co-ops? Part-time public, part-time homeschool?

I was always a mix-and-match homeschooler. I didn't really fit into one category because I did some classical, some online, some co-ops, and more! How about you?