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Thread: What were your experiences with co-op?

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    What were your experiences with co-op?

    share with me some stories from homeschool co-op, both good and bad. did you like it? did you hate it? did you make any interesting memories?

    as for me, i hated my homeschool co-op. my family was too "weird" for the church i went to at the time and no one liked me apart from the priests, maybe a couple of parents who found my family's weirdness endearing, and a few of my classmates who seemed to find me tolerable (one of whom is still a good friend of mine now). the teachers gave too much homework and expected too much of a bunch of kids who were only there for a few hours a week, most of whom had never had experience in a classroom setting. i ended up dropping out after a month or two because my mom was pregnant and was too tired to drive us all to church and back all the time, especially since she faced the same "weirdness" discrimination i did there. by the time i dropped out i was already failing a bunch of my classes because the teachers were pushing us too hard, and my mental state was declining rapidly as i fell into a depression, so it was for the best.
    this is from someone who had been almost totally unschooled up to this point, someone who's had more experience with classroom settings or structured schooling might have a vastly different story.

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    I never participated in a homeschool co-op like that. I was part of a homeschool group, that seems quite different. We would get together for field trips, park days, labs, talent shows, geography and spelling bees, movie nights, etc. However, I was part of homeschool science classes for my high school science courses such as biology, marine biology, and advanced biology, and I loved it! I was also part of a literature analysis class in our homeschool group, and that was one of the best experiences I have ever had. However, I am super dedicated to pushing myself, so I do well when I am pushed. Also, I really enjoyed being in that classroom setting with other homeschoolers instead of being home all the time and having the opportunity to have fun with other kids my age. I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with it!

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