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Thread: So busy

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    So busy

    Heeeeeeeeeeeey!! Sorry I haven't been on here for a while, I have just been so incredibly busy. Since Christmas I started a new flute piece, memorized it, and just competed with it last weekend in a big competition. And I WOON!!! I won $700 and I get to perform my solo with a big symphony in December three times!! Ellie Rose -- Fantaisie (Georges Hue) - YouTube

    Also, whilst preparing for that, I've also been working on a completely different piece, because in November I won this other competition, and my performance with this symphony is on Saturday!! (Feb 22nd) So, that's really nervewracking!! Anyways, I also got my permit! Driving is actually really fun! So yeah, what have all you guys been up to? I noticed that this site looks like it's been a bit lonely for a while. I hope people get back into it!

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    Hey you! So glad you're here! Yeah the site has been lonely...I really hope other people get back on too.

    You absolutely amaze me!! CONGRATS, girl! You rock. I'm so inspired by you. I wish you the best on your upcoming performance tomorrow! AND, congrats on getting your permit. Driving is fun! Parallel parking, not so much. Haha

    I've been busy working, taking classes, and editing my second book! I just finished editing the first draft all the way through (700 pages), so I'm super excited about that. Now, to rewrite the beginning and start on round 2 of editing!

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