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Thread: the homeschooler-into-college area

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    the homeschooler-into-college area

    I'm really interested in the homeschooler-into-college area.

    I'd love to see the site compile more information about which colleges take more homeschoolers (than exist in the general K12 population) and which ones take less.

    Does anyone know if colleges publish such numbers? Has anyone compiled it anywhere?

    Also, I see lots of guidance services that claim to help students select and apply to colleges. I'd love to see a directory of them with a comparison of prices and services. And reviews which help parents and students decide which one is a good fit for them.

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    If you want some more information about homeschooling with a goal of college admission, join the Yahoo Group Homeschooling Toward College: Yahoo! Groups. There is a ton of good info there, from how to compile transcripts, attack the Common Application, get the most out of college visits, and how to be your kid's guidance counselor.

    Homeschooled two kids for 11 years

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    We're definitely working on those kinds of data "behind-the-scenes", John, so stay tuned!!
    Creating this site has been a dream come true!! I hope it will be a help and encouragement to you in your homeschooling journey!!!

    Kerry - Site Admin

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