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Thread: Call for Transcript Examples

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    Call for Transcript Examples

    We'd like to share several transcript examples on LHSHS. If anyone has one they would be willing to share with us, could you email it to [email protected] with the subject "Transcript Example"

    We are particularly interested in:
    • unschooling transcripts
    • transcripts of mixed public/private/homeschooling courses
    • transcripts with course descriptions

    Definitely feel free to "X" out any identifying info such as name, address, SSN, etc. before sending along. We want to assure your privacy...we simply need the nuts and bolts of the transcript itself to use as an example.

    Thanks in advance!!
    Creating this site has been a dream come true!! I hope it will be a help and encouragement to you in your homeschooling journey!!!

    Kerry - Site Admin

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    I need some description examples. Currently using a homeschooling software that doesn't list the description on the transcript. I am wondering if I should use something else or create another page with descriptions.

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