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Thread: Free Posters: How to Become President of the US and Electoral College

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    Free Posters: How to Become President of the US and Electoral College

    Here are links for two free posters that are very useful this election year. Scroll down the page a little to see the offer. You need to order NOW because it can take 3-4 weeks for delivery. If t doesn't arrive in time, they do have a PDF download you can use.

    USA. Gov explains the road to becoming president.
    How to Become President of the United States Poster |

    C-SPAN is offering a 40 X 40 Electoral College Map poster for members. It is easy to become a free member. Homeschooling is accepted during registration The site lists elementary homeschool as a choice in one section, but I clicked on plain "high school" since homeschool high school was not an option and I didn't have any problems.

    One site listed a family idea for using the map during election night coverage. They have a party and enjoy fun foods as they celebrate the right to vote. Each time a state falls either Republican or Democrat, the kids color that state red or blue.

    Special Offers | C-SPAN Classroom

    Here is what the site says: C-SPAN is delighted to offer our brand new Electoral College Map poster for classrooms. This large 40" x 40" wall poster has been updated based on the 2010 census and includes information about the Electoral College, historical election results, and key dates leading up to the 2012 presidential election that can jumpstart a variety of lessons and fit a wide range of subject matters and grade levels.

    C-SPAN Map Activity Questions: (PDF)

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    thank you I will see if they are still available

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