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Thread: How would you report high school credits earned in Jr high on a transcript?

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    How would you report high school credits earned in Jr high on a transcript?

    My son is entering 9th grade, but has completed Physical Science, Biology, Algebra I, and Spanish I & II. How do I record these on his transcript?

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    I think it would depend on what your son's future plans are. If he is planning on graduating early, then 8th grade might officially BE his freshman or sophomore year, and you could list the credits as such. 9th grade could then become his sophomore/junior year, and 10th grade could become his junior/senior year.

    If he is planning on still completing four years of high school, then I would imagine he will earn far and away enough advanced credits where those earned in middle school won't really matter much anyway. If he takes college-level biology and physical science, for instance, via a dual-enrollment course or distance education course while in high school, then you would list THAT on his transcript. You would simply want to focus on Honors or Advanced Placement courses in the high school years since those are the credits that colleges will be looking at. They won't really care what he completed in "8th grade", so either that will need to be his freshman year, or you will need to concentrate on honors/college level coursework that covers those same subjects.
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    We've only used a transcript to enroll in a dual credit program at Purdue when the kids were in 8th grade and 9th grade, respectively. I just listed any high school level courses taken before their "official" freshman year as "Courses Taken Before High School." I'm not sure how I'll list them when we submit transcripts to the "real" college they'll attend after graduation.

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