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Thread: Thoughts on a plan B if college doesn't work out?

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    Thoughts on a plan B if college doesn't work out?

    I thought this article was rather interesting! A mom talks about how her son didn't pass his freshman year of college, so now they are struggling to find alternatives.
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    Personally, I think having a plan B and even a plan C is a good idea. Life is hard and there are no guarantees. Even if you do Great in college, you never know what the future will hold. People lose jobs they have been in for years or get injured and can no longer work in their desired field of work. Being able to do something else is just another form of insurance imo. What I tell my kids is to go to school for what you want, but also do some sort of trade. My oldest at the moment is very interested in animation, but knows that is a very competitive field. So she knows she will need to learn something else as her back up. Still bouncing a few ideas around, but we still have a couple of years to decide
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