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Thread: Complete Curriculum - - Yearly Membership Special

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    Complete Curriculum - - Yearly Membership Special

    Complete Curriculum is sort of a customizable, open-source style curriculum with digital textbooks in K-12 for science, social studies, language arts, and math. Students can complete the lessons either online in pdf form or print them out. The cool thing I personally like about the lessons is that they are fully customizable. The lessons themselves are fairly basic, but you can attach links, videos, audio, etc. to the lessons to really round them out. It's a neat curriculum if you are the type of homeschooling parent that likes to find resources to go along with what your student is learning and guide them toward them.

    Right now, you can get a full year's membership subscription for just $20! Can't go wrong with that - - especially if you are using it as a supplement.

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    Awesome... we purchased this... and it really does have alot to offer for a little investment. Since I have a kindergartener AND a high school senior... it has been a life saver!
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    I got this when it was $4.95 for the year and I honestly wouldn't pay much more than that. It's awesome to have everything laid out, but the lessons were riddled with errors (spelling, grammar) and the lessons are behind in grade level. We looked at the Biology for my 9th grader (they offer it in 10th) and we were shocked that each lesson was only going to take her 20 minutes or so. I was also trying to use it to plan Language Arts and the whole section was down for a week. I've contacted customer support a few times and have never received a response. If you are going to use it, I suggest printing out everything (yes you have to do it one lesson at a time) just in case the site goes down again.

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