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Thread: Curriculum review...

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    Curriculum review...

    I just wondered if anyone passing by this thread during the summer might be willing to share your experiences with curricula your high schoolers used over the past school year. Any stand-outs? Any bombs? I'll soon be in "buying" mode again, and I appreciate any and all feedback!!

    For us, btw, "Complete Curriculum" was a GREAT jumping-off place for us for history this year. It allows a lot of customization, so I was able to add videos and websites to each day's lessons and my son learned a LOT about world history.

    On the other hand, "Science for High School" was a bit of a disappointment. I tend to like research-based courses, and I think that's important, but my son definitely lacks some of the finesse for finding things online, and I felt like I ended up doing half the research FOR him. The other disappointment was the labs. They just didn't feel "complete" enough.
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    We used several of the courses from the curriculum directory links as well as Apologia Science, and Glencoe math.
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    We did several co-op classes this year, mostly in hopes of getting DS into classes with other kiddos. We did do ALEKS -- Assessment and Learning, K-12, Higher Education, Automated Tutor, Math this year and we liked it. I was hoping to get more done this past year but the co-op classes kept us busy.
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