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Thread: Foreign Languages...

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    Foreign Languages...

    I'm looking for 9th grader wants to learn Italian. I know it's not mainstream, and I really did try to get him interested in something that is spoken more prevalently, but he is dead set. He wants to be a chef and is determined to study and intern in Italy.

    Anyway, I know the first language program that gets suggested is usually Rosetta Stone, and I'm sure it's a wonderful program. But honestly, it's just out of our budget range right now.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a solid foreign language program that they have used successfully, that's a little less expensive than Rosetta Stone?

    Thanks so much for any help!

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    We went to the library they have a ton of audio cds on learning new languages.

    There are tons of free sites...I don't think they go as through as a whole curriculum but they can be a great start! Here is one site I found Learn Italian - Italian Language - ZapItalian
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    Hi Katie...
    Here is a great resource for finding a LOW COST or free language programs! There are lots of language choices here as well!

    Homeschoolers Guide to Teaching Foreign Language

    Latin is a good place to start in preparation for a foreign language...

    ...but here are some Italian links...

    The BBC language courses

    Free Italian Language Learning Resources

    Italian lessons

    Sometimes, we can put together a few resources to make the comprehensive course that we are looking for!

    Hope this was what you were looking for!!
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    Well, I can't help with Italian. But my daughter is taking French through this site and it's FREE, (Shared German 1) so I thought I'd add it here in case that helped anyone else. They also offer Spanish, Latin, and German.
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    I use a website called Duolingo. It's free but it's really efficient. I previously tried live mocha but it proved to be really confusing and just like any other social networking site. Duolingo is clean and easy to navigate. There is also a Learn by podcast series for foreign languages where you can pick up spoken french/italian/spanish etc. Google - Learn French by podcast.
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