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Thread: Homeschool Programming Giveaway

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    Homeschool Programming Giveaway

    SO excited for someone to win the A Giveaway from Homeschool Programming, Inc! !!

    I have to say that my boys are doing the Kid Coder series right now and they love it!! Had to promise to buy them the next level after they complete this one. Then they say that they have a Web Creator program as well! VERY happy to spend the money to help them do something that they love

    We did the free versions of Scratch and Alice through MIT, thats what got mine hooked on anything that would let them design their own games and websites in the near future.

    Who else has kiddos that are into computer programming??
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    I have a son who lives and breathes programming. He essentially checked out books from the library and taught himself, starting when he was about 13. Now he teaches himself a new language every once in a while and uses online forums for help. He has a blog about it at Poultry and Programming | Nothing interesting here… where he posts updates on the programs he's working on.

    He's also taking an online AP Computer Science course through Amplify MOOC: A local private school will let him take the AP test at their location, thankfully.

    Homeschooled two kids for 11 years

    Daughter (20), a University of Iowa sophomore double majoring in English with Creative Writing and Journalism

    Son (19), a Purdue University freshman majoring in Computer Science

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