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Thread: College in the Fall

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    College in the Fall

    It has been a rough few days, rejections, wait lists and dd not getting into the school she really wanted. However, she got three offers with nice aid packages and will be in an urban East coast school, which is what she really wanted. She was accepted at Boston University, Northeastern and George Washington. I am thinking she will probably choose Northeastern but she is going to visit before deciding. I am so glad the whole application, waiting to hear process is over. And I have a good eight years before I have to deal with it again!

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    It's always super disappointing to not get into the school you were hoping for. However, that's pretty great news about the other schools and at least the whole waiting process is over and you know for sure now! That's a great idea to visit before deciding as well, very smart. Best wishes to you and her both!

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