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  1. VocabularySpellingCity Giveaway! ~> Ends November 30, 2016!

    Incase you were not aware, Letshomeschoolhighschool has an Awesome facebook giveaway going, in honor of Family Literacy Month. The giveaway will run from November 15-30, 2016. Two winners will be...
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    Homeschool friendly Colleges

    Looking for Homeschool Friendly Colleges? Here is a Great list from Time4Learning that you can check out :)
  3. Thread: Scholarships

    by HSingMom


    Looking for scholarships to apply for? Check out this list for October ;)

    College Scholarships Ending 4th Quarter 2016
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    Free coding courses for kids

    Check it out! Free Coding Courses :)
  5. Time4Learning + Rosetta Stone's online foreign language courses :)

    So, I just wanted to share some good news that I heard today. Apparently, Time4Learning has announced that they will soon be offering members online foreign language courses powered by Rosetta Stone!...
  6. At the moment my oldest is very much into...

    At the moment my oldest is very much into drawing. She wants to one day go into animation or maybe be an Art director :)
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    LOL! This would sooooo be my kids too. It is...

    LOL! This would sooooo be my kids too. It is amazing how far technology has come and I for one am glad ;)
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    Just discovered Pokémon GO! Who else has too? Thoughts? Tips Etc!
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    Free Sign Language Teaching Resources

    Looking to add another language to your homeschooling? Here is a site that offers free resources for teaching sign language ;)
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    Why not just Homeschool through College?

    As homeschoolers, we may be wondering and even a bit nervous, as to what happens after we finish highschool. Many may be excited by the idea of attending an actual college campus, but for some of us...
  11. Free eBook- Helen Keller's "The Story of My Life"

    Just came across this awesome freebie and thought I would share :)

    Helen Keller's "The Story of My Life" Free e-Book!
    The Story of My Life.
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    Science - Hatching chicken without Egg

    I know this isn't a "curriculum", but I love to use educational videos from youtube, etc. in our homeschooling. Just a wasted resource not to imo ;) If you feel the same, have your teens check out...
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    Driver's Ed. Information

    Hi! So, my oldest is finally ((eeekkkKKK!!!)) old enough to get her driver's lic. lol! So,in an effort to get more information for her, I came across a great site with tons of info. So, if you also...
  14. We use T4L also and have not had any issues. They...

    We use T4L also and have not had any issues. They offer a money back guarantee. So, imo just give them a try and see what you think for yourself ;)
  15. Thread: Gap Year?!

    by HSingMom

    Gap Year?!

    If your highschooler is thinking about taking time off between high school and the time they apply for college, then you might benefit from reading this great article about how you can you take...
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    Just for fun.. Cable/Sat. or Netflix/Hulu?

    So, about a year ago I decided to get rid of my Direct TV. I know!!!!! I am a HUGE TV watcher and the idea of losing my DVR and TV shows was not my favorite idea, but in an effort to save money, I...
  17. It is National Park Week! ~> Visit them for free :)

    Just thought I would share that it is currently National Park Week. So, from April 16-24, 2016 you can get into the parks for free!

    National Park Week | National Park Foundation
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    Gardening + homeschooling

    We have a garden!!!! Lol, I know this doesn't seem homeschool related, but I plan to do a unit study on gardening. My youngest is the one who actually wanted to do it, not the school work obviously...
  19. Free Career Exploration Unit Study For Homeschoolers

    Choosing what comes after highschool can be hard for some kids, this free Career Exploration Unit Study, is a Great tool in helping them to find their way ;)
  20. Personally, I think having a plan B and even a...

    Personally, I think having a plan B and even a plan C is a good idea. Life is hard and there are no guarantees. Even if you do Great in college, you never know what the future will hold. People lose...
  21. Pixar and Khan Academy Releases a Free Online Course for Aspiring Animators

    Do you have a child that is interested in a career in animation? If so, this free online course for aspiring animators would be a great way to get them a jump start in the right direction ;)

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    Free President's Day Lessons

    Just thought I would share a freebie I came across for those also looking for President's Day resources ;)

    Presidents' Day Lessons
  23. Do you read the books or wait for the movie?

    When it comes to books that are turned into movies, especially trilogies, etc. Do you wait to watch on the big screen or head to the books store?

    ~>For me, as much as I want to know what’s going...
  24. We use Time4Learning ...

    We use Time4Learning for our main curriculum, but we also use other resources as well: LGFK, VSC, unit studies, educational TV, etc.!
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    I went back to college a few years ago and I...

    I went back to college a few years ago and I would be careful with buying used books. Yes they are cheaper, but your professor may not be using that version anymore. So, if you decide to buy used,...
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