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free online high school courses
I love finding useful free online resources. As a homeschooling mom, finding a great resource to use in my home school that doesn’t cost me anything is almost as good as a bar of dark chocolate… almost… anyway… I love it. Online resources that help us in our home school, make my life easier and that can’t be beat!

Online High School Courses… for free?

Sure, I know it sounds a little too good to be true…but, yes you can find great online resources for free. In fact, many of the big name colleges in our country have started offering what is known as “open course ware.” This is when the colleges record courses digitally and then post them on their website. The classes themselves are available with the highly qualified, highly paid teacher teaching them… the only thing that is missing is the “credit” and teacher involvement.  These courses are available for anyone to view.

Open course ware used as free high school courses has exploded over the past several years. In fields where a  degree isn’t required, people have viewed these courses and learned the content sufficiently enough to pursue jobs in different fields. There are testimonies all over the internet to this fact. The courses are offered from big colleges such as MIT, Yale, University of Michigan, and even Berkley. However, colleges all over the world offer these free online courses.

Free Online High School Courses offered in almost every subject…

These online high school courses are available in nearly every subject, and often are used to help high school students prepare for the AP exams. . The University of California Irvine has a free history course available to help students prepare for the AP exam. The National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) has courses that also help students prepare for AP exams.  If you are interested in math, there are several free courses in this subject that are also presented by the NROC. A simple search on their website will help you locate the courses that are needed.

While many students use these courses to help them take the AP test. These courses can also be used for the homeschooled student to get homeschooled dual credit. These courses can be used as courses to help study for CLEP exams. By taking the CLEP exams at the end of the course in lieu of a final, the student can actually be obtaining college credit while still taking their high school courses. To take the CLEP or AP exams for college credit you simply need to look up the available testing sites in your local area.

Online High School Courses can make Homeschooling High School Easy

Using online high school courses that are free can enable home school parents who have little or no training  in certain areas to offer courses that their high schooler students need. The internet’s free online high school course offerings are a great way to broaden your home school’s horizons, and enrich your student’s high school experience.