Homeschool High School: Field Trips

Homeschool High School Field Trips

Reprinted with permission from the blog: Mama Kautz

Something I have learned in my years of homeschooling is that high schoolers are a tad harder to entertain than the elementary or even junior high age.

I want these trips to be intentional and educational. High school years fly by faster than the others. One day they are starting their freshman year, the next they are looking at college or at least life after high school.

These are some of the trips I plan on taking my high schoolers on. Not really for the younger crowd due to safety (in the restaurant) or breakables (tv station).

TV Station
Take your teens to the local television station. Let them see behind the scenes.
Who knows maybe you will have a child that wants to be in front of the camera, or behind it.
As part of a unit study have them research what kind of schooling is needed. What the different jobs are. Maybe see if they could shadow for a day to see if they really like it.

Government Offices
Every student should know how their government runs. Especially at the local level. We have visited our State Capital as well as the Minnesota State Capital. There are usually Docents that will give tours.

Play Production
Three of my kids love being on stage, one is the behind the scenes type. Their dream is to see a show on Broadway. Until then we go to the ‘big city’ and see stage productions there. They also go to our local playhouse to see the productions they aren’t in. If you plan ahead, budget for the local Summer Theater

Maybe you have a budding chef on your hands. Arrange to see behind the scenes of a nice restaurant. Not McDonald’s…there aren’t any chefs there.
Ask questions of the chef’s on staff about where they went to school. Ask for tips on where to start a new career.

Virtual Field Trips

Mt Rushmore
We have had the honor of going twice in the last few years. It is breathtaking. If it’s not feasible to travel, go virtually.
360 degree panorma or via Netflix DVD. If you don’t have Netflix, or don’t want to wait for the DVD, look for the titles at your library.
Of course there’s an app for that

Grand Canyon
You can hop on the back of the Google Maps guy
There is always Netflix and a virtual river tour

Great Wall of China
Who wouldn’t love to see this amazing piece of history. I do, I just don’t have China at the top of my traveling bucket list.
There is a great site.
You can go around the world, from this site, without leaving your computer.

What are some field trips you are planning for your high school age children?
I would love more ideas.

Mama Kautz is a Self proclaimed Jesus Freak. Married to The Principal living on their homestead in North Idaho. She strives to blog Transparently for Christ.

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