Homeschool Daily Planning

homeschool daily planning

Homeschool Daily Planning

Small Steps to Achieving Long Term Goals

You are almost there! By now you are well on your way to organizing your homeschool planning calendar. It all started with Scheduling Your Homeschool Calendar by breaking it down and Creating Your monthly Planning Calendar. From there you got down to the nitty-gritty and Planning Your Homeschool Week. Last but not least we will look at the Daily Planning- The Small Steps to Achieving Long Term Goals. Now will be the time that you get down to the daily planning template. Although this will be some very specific planning do not forget to remain flexible. As we all know, things can change very easily from day to day, but with daily planning tips, you can do your best to stay on track for a successful homeschool day! 


Start with a Routine for Your Daily Plan

Even if you are the most organized homeschool mom on this planet (I know of a few!) there will be days that will not go as planned. More than likely that is one of the reasons you chose homeschooling, for the flexibility it brings with it. If you are too structured, you more than likely will do a lot of butting heads with your teen. This is why it is a good idea to start with a routine for your daily planning. 


Schedule in Blocks of Time

Instead of planning to the minute have blocks of time that your student works with breaks mixed in. In that time allow for more time for when “life” throws a curve, such as an important phone call, someone comes to the door, or when the dog decides to bolt out the door. If you want your student to work 4 hours a day of structured school maybe allow 5 hours to take into account the incidentals that are bound to happen. This takes the stress out of a time crunch. 


Do Not Try to Fit in Every Subject, Every Day

There is no reason to think you can possibly do every subject every day. But how will we get everything done for the week planning calendar? This is where implementing either a Loop Schedule or a Block Schedule will bring order to your daily planning. Daily planning tips using these methods can simplify your day and bring order. Plus, your students will know exactly what is expected each day which will bring a lot more harmony to your relationship. 


Prioritize In Daily Planning

Maybe your daughter has an ACT or SAT to study for. Make sure your student knows which items have to be done daily or by a certain date. If your student is involved in sports or some type of club stay on top of it so you can schedule your daily planning around these important events. This is a good opportunity to teach these daily planning tips to your teen so that they can learn responsibility for important dates. 


Schedule Your Daily Plan to Fit Your Family

What exactly does this mean when it comes to your daily planning? Not everyone is an early bird. If a majority of your family does do well getting your routine first thing in the morning, great! Some of us though work best after more than a couple of cups of coffee and maybe a walk, after not waking up with the birds. There is nothing wrong with getting started late morning, after lunch, or if you are a family of night owls, letting your teen do independent work after the younger siblings have gone to bed. That is the amazing thing about homeschooling, using your planning calendar to work to meet your family’s needs. 


High School Daily Schedule Planner

For a daily planning template use our downloadable High School Daily Schedule PlannerIt’s super important to plan your high school day. Print this easy to use daily schedule that makes planning an easy task that will serve to keep you on track all year! Always remember flexibility goes a long way in making a pleasant homeschool environment. It might be a good idea to use a pencil on your daily planner for the times that will need flexing!