Homeschool High School Worksheets and Alternatives

Worksheets for HighSchool
There are as many different approaches to homeschooling as there are homeschoolers, and every one of them has a different take on the use of worksheets.  Worksheets for the sake of “busy work” are not generally well thought of by high schoolers, but sometimes worksheets do deserve a place in your homeschooling plan.

Homeschool High School Worksheets to Use

Workbooks are useful for students of all ages, and sometimes include material that cannot be presented any other way.  The term worktext has become a popular way to describe this method of teaching and learning by reading and completing worksheets.  The worksheets are simply compiled into a workbook format to make things easier.  This approach lends itself well to students who excel with independent study.

Worksheets are also an excellent way to review or drill key points.  For example, math worksheets are a great way to review skills and build competence regarding newly-learned material.  Homeschool high school worksheets can help shake things up a little and allow students to demonstrate synthesis and application of key concepts.  Practice makes perfect, after all!

Timed tests and quizzes can also be routed through worksheets.  Even in high school, parents need an effective way to evaluate their student’s progress.  Often, competency is measured by not only the number of correct answers, but the time required to complete them.  SAT prep here we come!

Alternatives to Worksheets

One quality of high school students that appears pretty universal is their desire to be as much like an adult as possible.  High schoolers do not want to do things the way their younger counterparts do, and too many worksheets could be a problem for them, especially if they are perceived as childish.

You should suspect that if your student takes issue with worksheets, the problem likely lies with the overall curriculum, not simply the worksheets in question.   Pay attention to see whether your child complains about other aspects of the curriculum as well, and listen attentively when they explain themselves.  Making sure the curriculum you’ve chosen for your child is a good fit is hugely important.

Kids all learn differently, and with the vast array of homeschooling books, workbooks, and other curriculum on the market, it’s usually possible to find something that works for each student.  Some learn best by reading the material and writing about it, others prefer to hear lectures and take notes, and still others need kinesthetic stimulation through hands-on learning.  If homeschool high school worksheets aren’t working for your child, look at the larger picture to verify that the curriculum isn’t the problem.

Worksheets come in many forms, and are used for many different purposes.  But not all worksheets are created equal, and only you as the teacher can truly determine whether they offer an effective method for your child to learn in high school.