It is Not too Early…

If you are a high school student, it is not too early to start the college scholarship search. In fact, with an essay required for many scholarships, a clever student will want to spread out the process over four years.

1. Start looking at places where you and your family belong:

  • Do you belong to any club or organization that offers scholarships?
  • Do you belong to a church that offers a scholarship to church-affiliated colleges?
  • Do your parents belong to any organization that offers scholarships?
  • Does your bank or credit have a scholarship program?

2. Sign up on national websites such as:

3. Look at your state’s website. Many have state-specific scholarships.

4. Look at these federal websites that lists scholarships or have scholarship information:

5. Go to the library

6. Pay attention to the newspaper for scholarships funded by community organizations, businesses big and small, occupational and professional organizations, non-profit organizations, civic groups, etc.

Lastly: Don’t pay for a scholarship search!

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