The Adorable Truth: Homeschoolers and College

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I’ve written a lot of articles about grades. I believe at some point I compared getting an F to being swallowed up by an enormous fiery pit as classmates point and laugh, their faces twisting into technicolor, demon-like shapes from repressed night-terrors. However, after a couple years of college, I am honestly starting to believe this is, in fact, a “homeschool thing.”

What does that mean? A “homeschool thing?” Does it mean only homeschoolers still have the mind of a valedictorian well into their Bachelor’s? No. What it does mean it this:

We obsess over grades (needlessly)

All the homeschooled students I’ve met in college (a good many) obsess over their grades. I have a friend who clenches his face up like a chipmunk when he gets a 95 on a test. Another friend studies all throughout the week – yes, instead of the day before a test like we’re SUPPOSED to do – and then beats herself up over every wrong answer.

I, on the other hand, am not nearly as worried about grades as my homeschooled peers. I only construct algebraic formulas, taking into account all previous grades and how much each grade in the class counts toward the final average, to determine the require grades on each upcoming test required to maintain an A in the class. See? Not all of us are obsessive.

We tend to blossom (just not around you, you or you)

Homeschool works well for introverts. A person who builds their energy being alone and loses it socializing makes a good fit for homeschool because they can sit at those books all day long. The high number of introverts being homeschooled is a part of the homeschool “stigma.” Homeschoolers are seen as strange because of Chaz, the pale-faced boy who emerges annually from his Study Cave to destroy every participant at the local spelling bee. After he receives his blue ribbon, he creeps back into the shadows… until next year.

The truth is, Chaz is just an extreme introvert. Maybe he was homeschooled from birth and never knew anything beyond the Study Cave. Maybe he has a social disorder like Aspergers or Autism. Maybe he’s a Rubber Monster from Gliese 581 c and would suffocate if he spent too long breathing the same air us fleshbags put out. For whatever reason, I guarantee Chaz will still enjoy college.

I’ve seen it happen again and again. Homeschoolers find people they mesh with in college and become “best buds.” Sometimes it’s other homeschoolers. Sometimes it’s a big writer’s group. Sometimes it’s the extrovert boyfriend or girlfriend that breaks them out of their shell. Every single one of my homeschooled friends in college has “blossomed” and opened up to the world and new experiences. On top of that, they all flat-out love the college experience.

This wasn’t really an advice article. I just wanted to make a couple of interested observations based on my experience with other homeschoolers in college. I can only assume more homeschoolers are going to college in the first place because the one I go to seems littered with them. Perfectly healthy, sociable kids who spent elementary, middle or high school at home. Tune back in next week for more insightful commentary by the Homeschool Survivor!


The Homeschool Survivor is a self-proclaimed “real nerd” who considers leaving his USB drive at home a national emergency. He was homeschooled for most of his life and loved it (to the extent one can “love” school).

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