The Student’s Apprentice

Source: Yeowatzup/flickr Once upon a Roman spring, a large, chiseled man sipped mead on a pedestal forever. His beady eyes beamed back the morning sun’s rays. Nearby, two young men looked up and chewed a stalk each. One of the … Read more

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Branching Out As a Writer

Source: Juanedc (Flickr) Unlike the Ten Point Oh GPA* book club nerd, I’ve never written a novel. Statistically, neither have you. However, you can be a “writer” without a published novel in the same way you can be a “director” for … Read more

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Stop Using Bad Essay Rubrics

There is nothing that symbolizes the transition from young homeschooler to Homeschool Survivor better than a three-page essay assignment. It’s the gleaming gateway to college: you have enough material for one page already, so you carefully re-word a solid chunk … Read more

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