How to Choose Electives in High School

How to Choose High School Electives

How to Choose Electives in High School

What exactly is an elective? An elective is any class or coursework that is done outside of the core curriculum for high school. Electives are a fun way for teens to explore their interests and explore possible career paths. They could include classes such as Journalism, Public Speaking, Marketing, Instrumental Music, Art, the possibilities are endless. These classes are usually picked out by the student. Planning electives with your teen is one of the most enjoyable aspects of high school curriculum planning. If you haven’t already you might want to get them to try our Career Exploration Unit Study For Homeschoolers. This unit study will take an insightful look at your teen’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses, and how they learn best which is a good first step in finding electives for your teen.

Consider Choosing Electives With Your Future in Mind

The electives that your student takes during high school will go a long way in showing future colleges your student’s interests and willingness to take on rigorous studies and branch out in new interests. College admissions will be looking at which subjects are chosen as electives and the grades that they get in those courses. It is a must to keep college dreams in mind when choosing electives. Knowing what potential colleges are looking for in students is key! It can be helpful to take a look at college information packages, talk to the admissions office, and of course, do digital searches of potential colleges.

It’s important to make transcripts show your student’s potential to succeed in college. If applying to top schools it may be a good idea to include high level or AP courses. Environmental science, statistics, sociology, and psychology are some common AP courses to possibly take as electives. Another idea is to take higher-level foreign language classes. The classes shouldn’t take time and energy away from core classes but a balance can be doable! 

Homeschool High Electives Suggestions

Technology And Computer Science Electives– perfect for your “techie” students. 

Fine Arts Electives– Does your student have a creative flair? Maybe a fine arts elective is just what they need. 

Communication Electives– This would be a helpful elective for about any profession your student decides on. 

Business Electives– Is your student interested in business. This would be a great step up for them!

The difference between “elective” and “extracurriculars”– Both electives and extracurriculars have a place in your teen’s coursework and this explains the differences.

Homeschool High School Elective Suggestions– Check out these cool ideas straight from a former homeschool student!

Economics & Health Elective Courses– This resource for electives would be beneficial for career and life skills in general.