Starting the Homeschool High School Journey

Starting to Homeschool High School, Contributor Jimmie Lanley

I am just starting my journey with homeschooling high school, and as the mom of an only child, I have just once chance to get it right. Although I don’t have any experience looking backwards, I have four years of anticipation forwards. What I lack in experience I will make up for with my in-the-trenches view of homeschooling high school. I’m right there with you, making curriculum choices, wondering how to give credit for unique passions, and juggling extra classes outside the home.

My initial fears about counting credits and creating a transcript have been replaced with a sense of excitement. Our previous nine years of homeschool are coming to fruition in this final stretch! My daughter is independent enough to work on her own. And because I’ve always encouraged her creative pursuits, she knows what areas she wants to invest in. These years are not scary but delightful.

My background is in education, and my first teaching job was high school English 3 and French 1. So I know what high schoolers do, at least in public school. However, I see no need to model after that structure. We are free-thinking homeschoolers! We can blaze our own path while we check the boxes required by our state and meet the standards for college admission. I’ve made this commitment to continue homeschooling through high school all the way to graduation, and I look forward to sharing the trip with you here on Let’s Homeschool High School.


Jimmie Lanley is the mother of one creative teenaged daughter. Living abroad in China necessitated the original choice to homeschool. But now that she and her family are back in Tennessee, Jimmie can't imagine any other way to educate her high schooler. Jimmie's Collage is where she blogs about homeschool. In the early years, Jimmie's lesson plans were full of hands-on activities and lapbooks. As the years passed, she began using more and more notebooking and became so passionate about the method that she created her second blog, The Notebooking Fairy. That site features free notebooking printables and how-tos plus the affordable eBook guide Notebooking Success. Jimmie is co-owner of iHomeschool Network, a social media company.

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  1. Jackie says:

    I am also a homeschooling parent of an only and face the same issues as you. I look forward to reading your posts and gleaning all I can. 🙂

    By the way, I love Jimmie’s Collage.


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