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California Trinity University Homeschool Friendly College


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California Trinity University is committed to becoming a premier academic institution by providing dedicated education excellence and preparing the students to become leaders to whom we can entrust the future of business and society. The University admits qualified domestic and international students who exhibit potential and aptitude to successfully complete the selected academic programs. Students seeking admission must submit all application requirements, including official academic transcripts, or records of all previous education at higher educational institutions(s) they attended. They are committed to the development of your intellect and character. Trinity is a homeschool friendly community. They welcome applications from homeschooled students, knowing that the unique opportunities and experiences of your education bring value to the student body.

  • Requirement 1- Homeschool Transcript
  • Requirement 2- A minimum of 2.5 high school GPA
  • Requirement 3 – SAT/ACT Scores


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