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Home school students thrive here.

Christendom College encourages and welcomes applications from home educated students. In fact, each year, approximately 55-60% of the incoming students come from a home school background, and over the years, many of our top academic achievers have been home educated students.

Christendom College recognizes that your experience as a home schooled student will be somewhat different from students in traditional schools. The Admissions Committee will evaluate your academic record and non-academic interests and commitments within the context of your particular home school curriculum and experience.

We understand that for many home schooled students there is not as clear a distinction between academic and non-academic activities as there might be for students in a traditional high school. The more you can document for us and describe what you have done during your high school years, academically and otherwise, the better. Feel free to go beyond the questions on our application forms if they don’t cover everything you think is important for us to know. For example, maybe provide a complete list of books that you have read during high school, or provide some writing samples (essays or papers you wrote for home school subjects) to better show your academic abilities to the Admissions Committee.

Christendom’s VP for Enrollment, Mr. Tom McFadden, understands home schooling very well in that he and his wife home educate their 10 children. Always feel free to contact him with any questions ([email protected]).

Home schooled students are drawn to Christendom for a number of reasons:

Christendom’s rigorous academic education, with a focus on the great works of Western Civilization, taught in the classical Scholastic method, and from a Catholic worldview
Christendom’s high standards of excellence in culture, including a Christ-centered living environment with rules and regulations governing how students live
Christendom’s emphasis on reading and writing throughout the entire curriculum
Christendom’s ability to help all of its students become leaders in society and for the Church through the many extra-curricular offerings on campus.

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