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While Cornell has seven undergraduate colleges, the two largest undergraduate colleges are the College of Arts and Science and the College of Agriculture and Life Science. With over 21,000+ students, Cornell looks for those applicants who will be a good fit for the culture and who will continue to implement their philosophy. Cornell also looks for applicants that have academically challenged themselves and been involved in their community, extracurricular activities, and more.

  • Requirement 1-Complete a Common Application or Universal College Application
  • Requirement 2-Submit the school report and counselor recommendation
  • Requirement 3-Submit two teacher evaluations
  • Requirement 4-Submit a midyear report
  • Requirement 5-Application fee
  • Requirement 6-Standardized test scores
  • Requirement 7-High school transcripts
  • Requirement 8-Submit Cornell University’s Questions and Writing Supplement or Cornell Supplement

For Arts and Sciences undergraduates 

For Engineering undergraduates 

For Medical undergraduates 


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