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Lewis & Clark College is a private institution with three schools, The College of Arts and Science, the Graduate School of Education and Counseling, and Law School. Their rich history and diverse presence is what makes them stand out amongst other colleges. They have award-winning buildings, outstanding athletic facilities, advanced technology, and innovative research. Lewis & Clark is committed to its students, and staff, to have the best learning community they can, to inspire all.

Lewis & Clark College welcomes applications who have been homeschooled for some or all of their education. They consider you a homeschool student if the majority of your high school career has taken place, or if your high school career will conclude, outside of a traditional academic setting.

Requirement 1- Secondary School Report form to be filled out by your home-school program coordinator.

Requirement 2- Official high school transcript with a detailed description of the home-school curriculum

Requirement 3- Official transcripts for any work completed outside of your home-school program.

Requirement 4- SAT or ACT test scores. With limited other information available, standardized test scores for home-school applicants often take on more significance than they might for our other applicants.

Requirement 5- Teacher Evaluation form, completed by someone other than your home-school coordinator if possible.

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