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Allow me to introduce myself. I am David Chandler, creator of the Home Study Companion series. I have a long career teaching mathematics and I love teaching. Math Without Borders, Inc. is not a big company. It’s just me, an outgrowth of my teaching experience and my work with homeschooling families.

The Home Study Companion series covers five courses, the complete high school mathematics curriculum from Algebra 1 through Calculus. This series took over a decade to produce. Over my career, I have had first-hand experience with a wide variety of textbooks. I have selected the very best texts I have ever used and provided, through videos, interactive demonstrations, and other materials, the “classroom component” of these courses.

In essence, I am applying to be your math teacher, so here is a little about me. I have a B.S. degree in Physics from Harvey Mudd College, an M.A. in Education from Claremont Graduate University, and an M.S. in Mathematics from Cal Poly University. I have taught physics and mathematics in public, private, international, and charter schools and community colleges since 1972. The last nine years of my career I taught at a K-12 charter school that works with homeschooling families.

Working with homeschoolers, I saw a huge need for materials to enable them to teach highschool math at home, regardless of the math background of the parents. The courses in the Home Study Companion series encapsulate 35 years of teaching experience and allow homeschoolers to receive expert instruction from an experienced teacher.

It is important to say that I teach for understanding, as do the textbooks I have chosen. Too many materials provided for homeschoolers try to simplify the material down to cut and dried skills to make them easy for parents to teach. But oversimplifying just makes the material less interesting, less useful, and often more confusing. The right way to make math easy to learn is to teach it well, and to teach for full understanding. It really requires an experienced teacher. So, as I said before, I am applying to be your teacher.

Here is a review by a parent who worked through the Algebra 1 course with her child.

“I am very grateful for your program. When the textbooks arrived, my stomach dropped… As much as I have loved homeschooling, whenever I contemplated high school math, I felt inadequate to teach it – goodness, to even do the work! But your course has been a wonderful experience. My 14 year old and I have done all the lessons and work assignments together and we have both learned so much. Wish I had felt this way in high school. The whole experience surprised and delighted me ?? I’m even looking forward to geometry!”

[Note: I always recommend that a parent who does not know the subject well commit to learning it along with the student, whenever possible. You will find times when your child may have to explain things to you, which forces them to articulate their knowledge. Teaching is the best way to really learn a subject well.]

(For other reviews, check out the review page on my web site.)

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