One Low Price for the Family Complete Curriculum Pre-K to 12 (Messianic / Historic Christianity)

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Messianic, Hebrew Roots and Christians wanting curriculum that teaches the roots of our faith as taught by the apostles and practiced by the early church. This curriculum is based on the true foundation of the scripture, which is the first five books of the bible (aka: The Torah/Teaching).

Why do your kids and teens need this curriculum? Because the first five books of the bible are the most attacked books in the bible. These books explain the creation, the origin of man, the origin of sin, the flood, the origin of nations, origin of language and God’s standards of holiness. Even more importantly the first five books give us the first insight into God’s plan to redeem mankind and remove sin, which was through the promised Messiah.

When your child or teen has a strong foundation on these very crucial books (Torah), then they have the knowledge needed to defend their faith when challenged by friends, academics, and others. An even greater benefit will be a greater understanding of the concepts and teachings in the rest of the bible. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy are filled with lessons, typology and prophecies that all point to the Messiah (Jesus or also known by his Hebrew name Yeshua).

However we realize that your kids need much more so this Torah based curriculum is a complete curriculum providing math, English, Science and much more for just low one price for the family. Monthly or annual subscription plans available.

Looking for even more? We also have stand-alone and add-on programs for kids, teens and even adults. We offer programs like: Biblical language lessons, driver training, worship / praise, instrument lessons, art, supportive organizations, and more.

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Complete Curriculum Pre-K to 12

Pre-K to 12 (Full Subject Curriculum) One Price for Family. Plus add or stand-alone programs available.

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Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Historic Christian
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