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Reed College is located in Portland, Oregon one of Oregon’s best cities. Reed is a coeducational, independent liberal arts and sciences college. Reed is known for its high standards of scholarly practice, creative thinking, and engaged citizenship. Students interested in Reed have over 40 choices in majors and programs in pursuing a bachelor of arts degree. Homeschoolers are encouraged to apply and further their education with fellow Reedies and make Reed College their new home.

Requirement 1- Submit School Report Form

Requirement 2-Comprehensive list of the books and texts read over the four years of high school, including novels, textbooks, and other resources

Requirement 3- At least one letter of recommendation from a tutor, evaluator, or teacher who is not a family member

In addition, Reed recommends the following:

  1. Interview with a Reed representative
  2. Two—rather than one—academic recommendations (the second letter may come from an employer, supervisor, or non-family member who can address important personal qualities such as responsibility, creativity, discipline, and initiative)
  1. Scores of three SAT Subject Tests, preferably in mathematics and two subjects of the student’s choosing
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