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While not an Ivy League it is considered to be on par with the Ivies, this is a private research university is in Stanford, California. It is known for its academic strength and is ranked as one of the world’s top universities. Stanford is a place for learning, discovery, innovation, expression and discourse. Students chart their own paths of discovery, learning, and growth, and each journey is as unique as the individual. Stanford looks for applicants that show a series of serious, rigorous course of study distributed across the humanities, science, math, social studies, and languages. In regards to homeschoolers, they would like to understand how and why your family chooses to homeschool, how your learning process was organized, what benefits accrued, and what, if any, choices you had to make to accomplish this type of education.

  • Requirement 1- SAT/ACT score
  • Requirement 2- Require three letters of recommendation, two from teachers, and one from a counselor
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Stanford University


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