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The University of Florida online experience has a lot to offer students, especially homeschoolers. There is flexibility as an online student, being able to choose when to work, and from a large range of majors. You still have access to the incredible student experience, being able to pick from a large list of clubs, libraries, and even attend sporting events. As one of the nation’s most forward-thinking research institutions, UF Online offers research opportunities that enhance your academic experience and impact the world around us, and research on how to advance online learning so that our courses and offerings are at the forefront in education. UF online offers lots of opportunities to all types of students.

  • Requirement 1-Submit ACT or SAT scores
  • Requirement 2-Courses completed and graded through Florida Virtual School
  • Requirement 3-Coursework from a regionally accredited community college or university
  • Requirement 4-While homeschool transcripts are accepted, SAT subject tests are required to demonstrate proficiency in all subject matter areas, unless the student has taken 2 or more classes in those subjects from a regionally accredited entity.


Dual Enrollment
Homeschool Friendly


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