University of North Carolina - Asheville

Date:March 7, 2014 6:05 pm

The University of North Carolina has many majors to choose from under the divisions of Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Science. The Admissions Committee reviews each candidate’s application individually, considering all aspects of the applicant’s record before making a decision. The committee places a strong emphasis on the quality of the candidate’s high school curriculum, performance, trends, and class rank (if provided), and performance on standardized tests in the final decision-making review. The comprehensive review of all applicants is designed to see if applicants are the best fit for UNC Asheville and vice versa.

Requirement 1: Submit official transcripts

Requirement 2: Submit Homeschool eligibility certification

Requirement 3: Submit ACT or SAT scores

Requirement 4: Submit high school transcript supplement and counselor/teacher statement


College Affiliation
Dual Enrollment
Homeschool Friendly
College Location
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University of North Carolina - Asheville