University of Oregon

Date:March 11, 2014 6:25 pm

The University of Oregon is located in beautiful Eugene, Oregon with a large 295-acre campus in the middle of some of the most gorgeous landscapes. The community is, green, friendly, familiar, modern, and connected. The University is continuously committed to doing better, being innovative, and collaborative. With an undergraduate of around 19,000 UO still remains a close-knit community with over 250 student body organizations and a variety of experiences for you to add to your college experience and get close to your fellow ducks. UO encourages homeschoolers to join their community of students looking to be innovative and to get connected.

Requirement 1- Submit SAT or ACT scores

Requirement 2- Demonstrate second language proficiency

Requirement 3-Attach a statement of personal circumstances that explains that you were homeschooled and that you will complete the admission requirements by providing official score reports for the SAT or ACT and for the SAT Subject Tests.

Requirement 4- Submit official transcript

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University of Oregon